There are three ways to find out what kind of light / backlight is it your laptop

screen : 1. Remove the notebook screen and look at ict back if there is a cable and Connector for the inveter, you-have a CCFL screen, if the Connector is not present, the screen is an LED.

2. Refer to the owner's manual of the notebook.

3. Contact the manufacturer of the laptop or find information on its website.

LCD screens are divided into two types depending on the type of backlight CCFL and LED.
These two types of displays have completely different connectors and power supplies. They are not compatible.

CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp - High Intensity Discharge Lamps)

- This type of lighting is used in older laptops. Usually, it comes with a lamp, more rarely - two, this type of backlighting requires an inverter / inverter (high voltage transformer) to power its lamp.

The CCFL display with a single lamp has only one power outlet, and this type of CCFL displays is the most widespread:

CCFL with two lamps has two power connectors, and it is much rarer than the model with a single lamp:

LED (light-emitting diodes - LED backlighting)

- This type of lighting was widely used in the early years of 2010. It is made up of light-emitting diodes and is considered more efficient in energy. Such displays do not need an inverter, so they have only one video connector. (See photos below)
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